Visual Storyteller

Born in Spain and based in the Sunny Coast of Australia.

Motion film, stills & mixed media are her preferred ways of creative expression. Inspired by the ocean, adventure, outdoor, travel and lifestyle subjects, Lucia’s style combines simplicity with naturalness and has been described as “a subtle infiltration into your emotions”. Santiago believes in the purposeful use of imagery to inspire humans to connect with Nature and promote the urgency to protect the wilderness. Her work also aims to promote the normalisation of feminine values through a humble, gentle and sensitivity message.

Lucia is an ocean lover, environmental advocate and experienced traveller. In her spare time you will find her on the beach, surfing a nearby wave or actively being involved in local environmental projects. Santiago prefers to collaborate with brands who are as passionate as she is about making the world a better place.

Clients include: ANA Airlines, Patagonia, Dkoko Bikinis, Mizu, U&I Label, Odyboards, Avasol, Noosa Basics, University of Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Environment Council, Plastic Free Noosa, or Save Our Coast.